T H E  B L A C K  S W A N
K N I V E S  &  L E A T H E R
Hand made knives & leather
Handmade and hand stitched in Sweden

T H E  B L A C K  S W A N

Hand made knives and leather

Clean lines and traditional craftsmanship combined with the best materials available is the recipe  behind my products. Leather wallets, knife sheaths, leather knife rolls, leather belts, custom knives and more all and each one of them, handcrafted by me.

So when you choose to buy a Black Swan Knives & Leather product, you are buying a truly handmade and hand-stitched item, 100% made in Sweden. 

And keep in mind that, if it doesn't say hand stitched then probably it isn't...


February 2017

T.B.S.K.&L. of Sweden is introducing to the Scandinavian market the excellent line of the MY PARANG  handmade Goloks, Parangs and Machetes.

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