T H E  B L A C K  S W A N
K N I V E S  &  L E A T H E R
Hand made knives & leather
Handmade and hand stitched in Sweden

T H E  B L A C K  S W A N

Hand made knives and leather

The Duku Chandong or sometimes referred to  as the ” Ray Mears ” parang originates from East Malaysia or as some people call, Borneo. It is a very common blade shape there . The Duku Chandong is a general purpose parang and it is very common to see people in Borneo using it in their everyday lives.

The main character of the knife is the sheeps-foot tip and how the handle is lifted up . While the sheeps-foot tip is very strong and suitable for prying, the upward handle causes the blade to arrive first followed by the knuckles. This is a great feature if you are cutting near the ground or near a solid object such as a big tree trunk , as it keeps your knuckles away and prevents if from getting bashed.

The blade also has a slightly upward curve, which produces a slicing cut. This type of cut is very effective at cutting small plants and shrubs.

MY Parang produces three different variations of the Chandong, the 12″ , the 10″ and the 12″ Heavy. The 12″ is the most common size and is often referred to as the ” go to” size. It offers good reach while not being too long nor too short. if you are looking for the best all rounder tool, this is the one to pick. The 10″ version is lighter and shorter. It is best suited for small tasks or when weight is a major issue. Despite it’s small size, it can still chop extremely well.

Their blades are made of 5160 high carbon steel and they are sourced from Bidor, Perak, a world-renowned forge for their differentially hardened 5160 carbon steel blades.  They are hand forged  and tapering nicely from the bolster to the tip for better balance. Because of their making process, each one is unique with their lovely characteristic forging marks left to prove it.

The handles are made of Eco – wood sourced from Croatia. They are made of farmed Beech wood which is a renewable resource. The handle shape is formed on a simple and traditional design. It has been proven to be very comfortable in hand and will not give you any blisters despite chopping away for hours. The handles are secured with industrial grade epoxy on the blade and pinned with a  brass pin under the copper bolster for extra safety.
As a traditional made parang, every blade from My Parang line, has rat tail construction.
All the models are supplied with a nice and very functional nylon sheath.
My Parang line, represented in Scandinavia from T.B.S.K.&L. Of Sweden.

10" Duku 

Blade length – 25.5 cm        

Handle length – 17.0 cm      

Overall length – 42.5 cm      

Widest blade -  5.0 cm     

Weight -  411.0 g          

12" Duku

Blade length - 31.0 cm        

Handle length - 17.0 cm     

Overall length - 48.0 cm      

Widest blade – 5.6 cm   
Weight -  470.0 g             

10" parang price: 1.010,00SEK
Currently out of stock

12" parang price: 1.080,00SEK
Currently out of stock

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