T H E  B L A C K  S W A N
K N I V E S  &  L E A T H E R
Hand made knives & leather
Handmade and hand stitched in Sweden

T H E  B L A C K  S W A N

Hand made knives and leather

Welcome to The Black Swan Knives section. Here you can navigate through the sharp pages of the site and you can see my latest work.  
I'm dividing the knives that I make in two major categories. In the first you can find the knives of my design and they are covering the main part of my work. These knives are available for customisation and they can be made on order. In the second category there are knives where the blades are made from well known blacksmiths and I use them to make some unique customs. These knives, when available, are figuring in my web shop where you can buy them.