T H E  B L A C K  S W A N
K N I V E S  &  L E A T H E R
Hand made knives & leather
Handmade and hand stitched in Sweden

T H E  B L A C K  S W A N

Hand made knives and leather

My parang line of parangs, goloks & machetes

Welcome to our page for My Parang handcrafted traditional tools.  
My Parang is a Malaysian company, making traditional parangs, goloks and machetes exclusively by hand, using the best available materials. 
Either you choose a  parang, a golok or a parang machete, it will make your camping, hiking or hunting experience better, will perform excellent on any kind of environment and it will last a lifetime with minimum care.
Their blades are made of 5160 high carbon steel and they are sourced from Bidor, Perak, a world-renowned forge for their differentially hardened 5160 carbon steel blades.  They are hand forged  and tapering nicely from the bolster to the tip for better balance. Because of their making process, each one is unique with their lovely characteristic forging marks left to prove it.

The handles are made of Eco – wood sourced from Croatia. They are made of farmed Beech wood which is a renewable resource. The handle shape is formed on a simple and traditional design. It has been proven to be very comfortable in hand and will not give you any blisters despite chopping away for hours. The handles are secured with industrial grade epoxy on the blade and pinned with a  brass pin under the copper bolster for extra safety.
As a traditional made parang, every blade from My Parang line, has rat tail construction.
All the models are supplied with a nice and very functional nylon sheath.
My Parang line, represented in Scandinavia from T.B.S.K.&L. Of Sweden.
my parang line, handmade in Malaysia