T H E  B L A C K  S W A N
K N I V E S  &  L E A T H E R
Hand made knives & leather
Handmade and hand stitched in Sweden

T H E  B L A C K  S W A N

Hand made knives and leather

Odile a custom knife handmade in Sweden.

In a world that is ruled from complex creations Odile's simple lines are very carefully selected to provide you an elegant but strongly functional custom knife.

This is our proposal for the perfect companion knife and the first batch will be launched on SF100 stainless steel, in respect of the 100 years of Sheffield's stainless steel history celebrating on Odile's launching year. A O1 carbon version is also available now.
You can see her in three configurations for the handle. In natural canvas micarta, black-red micarta and with a 9000 years old bog oak.
All three have white liners and stainless steel fittings.  
Odile a custom knife handmade in Sweden